Students may apply for the BFA review as early as their sophomore semester. However each student needs to consult their major instructor and their advisor prior to submission of portfolio. Some students may need an extra year of study and additional coursework to make sure their portfolio is at its highest quality. If the student’s portfolio is rejected they may apply one additional time.

1. GPA of 2.8 in all art courses

2. Completion of or concurrent enrollment in the following courses:

a. Basic Design
b. Drawing I
c. 3/D Design/Crafts
d. Drawing II
e. Survey of Art History
f. 2-200 level studio courses (Preferable from your major concentration)

3. Portfolio Evaluation
a. To be held in October of every fall semester
b. Portfolio must include:
1. Application Worksheet
2. Statement of Professional Intent
3. Resume
4. Transcript of all college courses
5. 8 works of art – E-portfolio, digital images or actual artwork,
depending on the requirements within the area of concentration.