Visiting Artist in Drawing
Tonia Bonnell

Artist Talk
Monday April 20th
RH114 – 7pm

Tonia will be sharing of her art and portfolio with the Drawing II classes during the day on Monday.
Her work is also included in an exhibition titled “Nowhere Close to Normal” during Gallery Walk Fridays April 24th at the Nextech Building on 12th St.

Tonia is an Adjunct Professor at Metropolitan State University in Denver and the gallery coordinator at Red Delicious Press. Tonia received her BFA from Illinois State University in 2001 and MFA from University of Alberta in Canada in 2005. She has had solo and group exhibitions in Denver, Alberta and Rosendale, NY.

She creates prints and drawings using a repetitive mark-making system to develop her images. Drawing visual and conceptual inspiration from subjects such as weather and particle physics, she investigates the effects of small, individual parts massing together to form a whole. The meditative nature of Tonia’s process is consistently evident in her work while the density, sparseness, value, and movement of the marks vary in order to evoke a range of visual and emotional perceptions. To see her work please visit her website at