Alissa Conway, Drawing and Education Major, junior

First post, how exciting!!! Haha, so since I haven’t had much opportunity to get really into the class since we’ve only been here for about two weeks, I think I’m just going to discuss my choice and ideas for our first book project. I really feel like I’m using this project to test myself by not following the patterns that I have recently done. In a lot of my work in the past I use a lot of repetition, I use the same pencils, I follow the same patterns, which brings me to a system in drawing that I find comfortable.  I want to test this comfort in my next project, I want to see if I can step outside of my comfort zone and still be successful in the work.
I decided as soon as we got the assignment that I wanted to have something like a survival manual for life. I am using a lot of typical things that are kind of common sense about life but I am also using a lot of things from my own personal experience. Some of the things are going to be things that will hopefully make you laugh but others will be more serious and give you more of an insight into the life I lived and the choices I’ve made that I have come to question.
I want some of my images to be very loosely interpreted but I also want some of it to be very representational and recognizable. I also want to use more colors and random patterns than I have in the past. I really like looking at Nikki Farquharson’s photographs because I love her use of abstraction and realism and all her colors and patterns! There is so much random information in the pictures, it is a challenge to the viewer to figure out what is important to the subject and what isn’t. Here are a few of my favorite examples of her work.