Amber Smith, Drawing major, Sophomore

My favorite type of artwork really is cartoons. I’d have to admit. That’s all I really enjoy drawing since I was a kid. You will usually find me sitting in the halls of Rarick and drawing in my sketchbook, or making fun of some new cartoon show that is on television that just drives me bonkers. I love the outrageous things that characters in 2-D shows can do. They can get flattened, blown up, torn to pieces, and even melt. Just when you think they are gone forever they come back in like 2 seconds all fine and normal shaped. The subject I chose to talk about in my blog was the paintings I do on my bedroom walls. I started painting on my walls when my parents moved me to the basement. It looked too plain and boring when the walls were only painted white. I asked my step mom if I could paint on the walls or draw on them at least. She told me it was my room, they’re blank walls, go for it.  That’s just what I did.

On my walls are about thirteen different fairly large paintings I have done on them. I even painted behind my bedroom door. It’s something I do when I’m bored, alone, or I just simply want to get away from the world. I’ll go down there and situate myself in a good spot to get the full space of the wall I need and sketch something out. One of my walls is about all the old Nickelodeon characters that aren’t seen on television anymore. I want to get them all from my child hood that I grew up watching. On the other walls are some of my other just favorite cartoon characters or television show characters.  Some are even up to about 5 feet long in length on the wall, or height. I love painting on my walls but still love drawing more because, I’m not sure but I have just never gotten the feeling of painting to sink in. It’s enjoyable and it relieves a lot of stress from a college art major that has a job, school work, and then the whole family thing.