Eugene Lin, Drawing Major, Senoir

I am from Taiwan which is at the south-east side of China and south-west side of Japan, my hometown is called Taichung, a city that is located in the middle of Taiwan just like how Kansas is.  Compare to Hays and Taichung, I have to say that they are totally different.  Taichung is an urban area, so the downside is crazy traffic and air pollution.  The weather is humid and hot in summer which is extremely uncomfortable.  The strongpoint of my hometown is there are many 24 hours opened convenience stores, department stores, and night market as well.  On the other hand, the weakness of Hays is lack of public transportations, it’s hard to go anywhere without a car.  Good thing about Hays is the environment, with fresh air and quiet atmosphere.  It is a great place to study and be concentrated.  People are friendlier than where I am from, so it is easier to improve my poor English skill.

When I was a little kid, I used to read comic books.  To me comic is more like my teacher than as entertainment.  I actually learned cross-hatching from comic book, since then it becomes my favorite technique.  I would like to introduce a Japanese comic author Inoue Takehiko.  From earlier Slam Dunk to recent comic named Vagabond.  The almost realistic style of cross-hatching attracted me as a big fan of him.  I am still learning from him and hopefully one day I will be able to create my unique drawing style.