As incoming freshman, all art students are required to enroll in a series of art studio and history courses to prepare them for their major concentration.  These courses include Drawing I, Basic Design, Drawing II, 3/D Crafts and Survey of Art History.  These classes are geared to provide knowledge and skills at an introductory level, but challenge students who enter with substantial knowledge in art.

The first semester in this program the student will take Drawing I and Basic Design. Drawing I concentrates on observational drawing and learning many types of drawing techniques and media.  Basic Design introduces the elements and principles of two-dimensional design.  The second semester the student will take Drawing II, 3/D Crafts and Survey of Art History.  Drawing II will expand the student’s technical ability in drawing as the student concentrates on conceptual development.   In 3/D Crafts students will explore the elements and principles of three dimensional design, while learning about new sculpture materials.  Survey of Art History will cover art throughout time, starting back thousands of years ago to the present.

These foundation courses help new art students build a community within the art department and stress the importance of dedication to art making and discipline within the arts.  Students enter intermediate and advanced courses prepared to learn new techniques and conceptual development.


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