You will need the following:

General Kimberly Pencil Drawing Set #25

Design kneaded eraser-standard size

Alphacolor Char-Kole 12 stick pack

Vine Charcoal – soft 3piece pack

Graphite Stick Set

Compressed Charcoal Set

Colored pencils set of 50 – Crayola brand is fine

Design Higgins India Ink 1oz.

Bamboo brush size 6

Masking Tape

Sketchbook-at least 8”x10”

12” or 18” metal ruler

Optional Supplies: Art supply box/Tackle box, 30/60/90 Triangle, Large cardboard portfolio (22”x30”), Scissors, Utility Knife

Or go to Dick Blick Art Supply Store on-line supply list. Some of the supply listed for Drawing I, II, III, or Problems are not mandatory, just suggested if you want to try.